We are a Direct Primary Care Family Medicine office, and we see adults and children starting at age 3.  We are a membership based office, so we don’t charge for individual visits or in-office testing.  Our low monthly or yearly membership fee includes all of the services of a typical family medicine practice.  We also leverage technology to enhance communication and access through options such as e-visits and telehealth. Overall, we strive to build stronger relationships with patients to help you fulfill your health care goals.

While our office is not open during evenings or weekends, you will continue to have access to Dr. Patel after hours.  If you have an urgent need, you can call our main office number and expect your voicemail will be promptly returned.  You may also use the Hale app to communicate electronically with Dr. Patel.

Patient Fusion is an online portal to your medical chart.  Here you can access several items including your medical history, lab results, vital signs, and immunization records.  You can ask us questions and schedule appointments there as well.  In addition, Hale is a secure communication app that allows you to send text messages, photos, and videos to the office.  It also allows you to complete e-visits and participate in tele-health sessions.

Insurance and Payment

Our low monthly or yearly membership fee covers all office visits, online visits, and in-office testing.  Click here for full details on our pricing.

We do charge a nominal fee for medications and procedures provided in the office. Examples of medications include a Vitamin B12, Depo Provera, or steroid injection.  Procedures may include a skin biopsy, freezing a wart, or a laceration repair. For these services, we only charge enough to cover to cost of the medication or the supplies used in the procedure. These charges will be significantly lower than those from a typical office or an urgent care.

Our office does not bill insurance for any of the services we provide.  Our membership fee is paid out of pocket, though you can use your HSA if you have one.  We do collect your insurance information to use if we refer you out of the office to see another physician or for other testing to make sure they are in your network.

We’ve found that most insurance plans don’t cover membership based fees.  You will get a receipt with every payment, so you may certainly try to submit it.  They may apply the cost toward your deductible, but that will vary based on your plan.

Yes, we recommend all of our patients continue to have health insurance.  Our office will provide all of your primary care needs, but you should still have insurance for major medical issues.  Direct Primary Care pairs well with a high deductible health plan.

Yes!! We enjoy seeing Medicare patients in our office.  However, you will not be able to submit any charges from our office for reimbursement from Medicare.  Otherwise, our office works just the same as with any other health insurance.


We have two options when doing labs in our office.  First, we can submit your order to the lab along with your insurance information.  The lab will bill your insurance, and you’ll be responsible for any portion that is not covered.  Or, we do have negotiated contract pricing with a local lab that allows us to provide labs at a much reduced rate.  In this instance, you would pay us directly for your labs at the time of your visit with no further insurance involvement.

You can use any pharmacy you would like for your medications.   They will bill your insurance for your prescriptions, and you will be responsible for whatever your insurance doesn’t cover.  However, we will work proactively with you to try and reduce your medication cost.  That may be through using generic coupon cards through websites like GoodRx, manufacturers’ discounts, or switching to cheaper alternatives. 

We don’t currently provide immunizations in the office.  However, we will track your immunization record and monitor what vaccines you are due for.  We can give you a prescription to get the vaccine from a pharmacy or the local health department.  We hope to offer in-office vaccines soon.

If you need care outside of our office, we will refer you to the appropriate provider.  We collect your insurance information so we can try to ensure the outside provider is in network with your insurance.

If you need inpatient care, you are free to go to any hospital of your choosing.  Our office is not affiliated with any hospital network.  Wherever you go, we will work closely with your inpatient care team to ensure a seamless transition back to our office.

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