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Between insurance and scheduling, finding a new physician for you and your family can be difficult. It feels like most visits to the doctor lead nowhere but the waiting room for hours. With your family’s busy schedule, you deserve to get the most out of every visit to your local practice.

At Fishers Direct Family Care, we treat children to adults from 3 to 103. No matter who we’re treating, we use a preventative and proactive approach founded in evidence-based methodology. Our philosophy at Fishers Direct Family Care is innovative primary care to advance the health of families and individuals in Fishers, Indiana.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a system in which your family care doctor accepts an annual or monthly payment for all your primary care. This gives you unlimited visits each year, routine lab tests every three months, 24-hour access through an online patient portal and, best of all, no insurance co-pays, deductibles or awaiting approval.

By controlling the physician-insurance provider relationship, we serve our patients more directly. Because we don’t bill insurance, we have more time to spend on patient care. That means you and your kids get more time with the doctor. This model is great for families because it gives your kids a more positive experience at the doctor, encouraging good health habits or them throughout their life.

Family Care Practice for Every Family

Because of its low cost, easier access to physicians and time efficiency, Direct Primary Care is a great system for families. We accept a low monthly or annual membership fee to cover all office visits, online services and in-office testing. Learn more about our membership rates.

If you have insurance or Medicare, you’re still eligible to use our services. While we don’t bill insurance or Medicare, we accept HSAs for out of pocket memberships. When you visit our clinic in Fishers, we’ll collect insurance information, but only to refer you to other physicians or specialists if needed. High deductible health plans are the most compatible with direct primary care. Direct Primary Care also works with Medicare, however, we can’t submit charges from our office for reimbursement. Otherwise, Medicare works the same as standard insurance.

When you need medications or procedures in-office, you’ll pay a nominal fee only to cover the cost of these items, rather than to pay off insurance. Our prescriptions work for any pharmacy in Fishers, IN but we can help with generic coupon cards for websites like GoodRx, manufacturer discounts and offering cheaper alternatives.

Learn how easy primary healthcare can be for you and your family by visiting or booking an appointment with Fishers Direct Family Care. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have about our clinic, Direct Primary Care, payments and treatments.

Dr. Risheet Patel

Risheet Headshot (1)

“I strive to provide trusted care while you enjoy the benefits of a practice that is constantly pursuing the latest technology and improvements.”

My Bio

Risheet Patel, MD is a practicing Family Physician in Fishers, IN. He enjoys seeing adults and children down to age 3 and building long-term relationships in the process. He employs a preventive and proactive approach to care that is backed by evidence based methodology. He has a passion for innovation in health care delivery through the use of technology and unique healthcare workflows. Using data, he is able to enrich and inform the care experience.

Dr. Patel was born and raised in the Fishers area. After graduating from Hamilton Southeastern High School, he moved to New York to continue his education.  He majored in French and Biology at Union College and then completed medical school at Albany Medical College. He returned to Indianapolis to complete his Family Medicine training with Community Health Network.

Outside of the exam room, Dr. Patel has a strong interest in public health and organized medicine. He is a past-president of the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians and continues to work closely with that organization along with the American Academy of Family Physicians at a national level. He also serves on several committees locally including the Indiana Medicaid Therapeutics Committee and the Indiana Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative through the Indiana State Department of Health.

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